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  • Historical 4X turn based strategy
  • Prosperity
  • Politics
  • War
  • Myth & Legends
  • Generals
  • Objectives
  • Customize world


DevGamm, Minsk 2019

DevGamm, Minsk 2019

Imperiums: Greek Wars was nominated for “Excellence in Game Design” on DevGamm in Minsk.

Casual Connect, London 2019

Casual Connect, London 2019

Best Game Design award at Casual Connect in London 2019!

IndieX, Lisboa 2019

IndieX, Lisboa 2019

Creators of Imperiums: Greek Wars listed as finalists at IndieX in Lisboa.

eXplorminate Runner Up of 2020

eXplorminate Runner Up of 2020

What Imperiums provides the player with is pretty damn good. Its economy and resource system is top-notch, creating a tension that does not often exist in 4X games.



359BC: Philip II of Macedon takes the throne from his infant nephew.


Become ruler, political leader, and supreme military commander. Survive, grow, conquer ... and win!


The economic, political, social, and military life of the empire is fully in your hands. Rule wisely and your nation will glorify you!


Build your empire with political shrewdness and military might!


Relive the world of mythological figures as the ancient people believed it to be.


Create a world and set the challenge as high as you wish.

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Release of Imperiums: Rise of Caesar

Hello everyone.
We can finally announce the release date of the long-awaited DLC Imperiums: Rise of Caesar. It was quite a ride and we did our best to prepare it to the highest standard.

The date is 15th February and you'll need few days off :)

In the previous campaigns of the Imperiums series (Imperiums: Greek Wars, Imperiums: Age of Alexander, Imperiums: Rome vs Carthage) you could relive the rise of ancient civilizations starting in Greece, and following the birth of the Roman Republic and its struggle to survive. Now, the Republic has reached a climax when the Senate and consuls try to usurp more power, leaving the state in a constant risk of civil war. The new DLC Imperiums: Rise of Caesar takes you right into the maelstrom of that turbulent era.

The DLC covers two of the greatest conquests of Julius Cesar. This power-hungry general hopes to win glory, wealth and military and political prominence through swift, triumphant campaigns in Gaul and Britannia. He will however face strong opposition, while at the same time he will have to navigating the complicated political intrigues on the home front.

Lead the Roman legions into the unknown, or fight the Roman invaders as one of the Gallic tribes. Two smaller tactical maps allow a smooth transition to the British Isles scenario after a successful campaign in Gaul (naturally both maps can be played separately as well). Thanks to the scale of the maps, they are ideal for multiplayer games.

New features include Commanders (Caesar, Vercingetorix, Cassivellaunus) that lead and inspire their armies, Weather and Seasons that greatly affect planning of the campaigns, and Politics in Rome that influence the events in Gaul and Britannia (more details on the Steam page).

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24 Jan

Imperiums: Age of Alexander DLC will be released on October 7

The long-awaited release of the Imperiums: Age of Alexander DLC is set for October 7!
10 Sep

Imperiums: Age of Alexander DLC in the making

Take a first look with us at the new DLC for Imperiums called Age of Alexander.
03 Feb

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