Imperiums: Age of Alexander DLC in the making

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After the struggles of Phillip II of Macedon to establish a strong powerful state in Imperiums: Greek Wars, you can relive the clash of major ancient powers that followed in the Imperius: Age of Alexander and earn the title “The Great” for yourself.

The huge map will span from the western Mediterranean to great Persepolis and from the cold Alps to the Nile delta.
You will be able to assume leadership of 18 factions from warrior tribes of the steppe to the most powerful empires of the time.

Assume the crown of Alexander or Darius; try the role of underdog and become the founder of a Roman miracle; or threaten the world order astride rugged Scythian warhorses.

Age of Alexander will bring you a number of new features that will challenge your military prowess and political foresight in unique new ways.

Novel concepts will affect your decision making on the military, economic, administrative and political aspects of your nation.

Temporary demobilization of military units, specialization of resource producing facilities, building of provincial capitals to cope with corruption or the use of emissaries to further your interest abroad, there are no minor decisions without consequences.

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