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Imperiums: Rome vs Carthage DLC is coming!

Prague, Czech Republic – 18th January 2022: In the previous campaigns of the Imperiums series (Imperiums: Greek Wars and Imperiums: Age of Alexander) you could relive the rise of ancient Macedon during the reign of Philip II and his son Alexander the Great. However, the political map of the Mediterranean region changed drastically after the death of Alexander and the new DLC Imperiums: Rome vs Carthage will take you right into the maelstrom of that turbulent era.

The DLC covers one of the most interesting periods of our history, the rise of the Roman Republic in 3rd century BCE. The Roman war with the neighboring Samnites and Etruscans for dominance was only one of the conflicts that shaped the future of Europe. Rome challenging the powerful Carthage, the decline of the successor states left after the breakdown of the Alexandrian Empire in Asia and Greece, or the migration of nomadic tribes towards more hospitable regions, are all major events that changed the map of Mediterranean for ever.

Now however you can steer the wheel of history in a different direction, leading any of the 25 playable factions. A huge map with 5000 tiles and a number of new mechanics ensures many hours of fun and excitement.

New features include migrating tribes pressing on the borders of the civilized world, specific historical events, multiturn events (e.g. plague outbreaks, rebellions) and so called mandatory objectives (more details on the Steam page).

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