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How to redeem Steam key from

Step 1 – Login on Itch and do not use a mobile device!

This should be, easy.

Step 2 – Find or re-request the Download page from your original Itch purchase email

If you haven’t done so, find your original email with the purchase link.
Can’t find your email? Go to this page: and you can request that the download links be sent to you!

Step 3 – Click “Get Steam Key”, follow the instructions to get your key

Click the “Get Steam Key” button shown above. Follow the instructions to link your Steam account, verify your email if necessary and then copy the key to your clipboard. When in doubt, click Get Steam Key again and follow the instructions on screen.
You will use that key to put the game in your Steam library, so copy it to your clipboard.

Step 4 – Add your key to Steam

Click on “Add a game…” on the bottom left of the Steam Library, then on “Activate“.
Enter the key from your clipboard.
If everything goes well, you should get it confirmed.
Once the key is activated, the game will show up in your library and start downloading.

Step 5 – Install and Play on Steam!

You can now download, install and play the game from your Steam library!


Q: I didn’t create an account when I bought the game!
A: Go to the bottom of this page:

Q: When I open the link to get my Steam key itch displays a 404 error.
A: This will happen if you open the link in a browser that is not logged in to your itch account. Ensure you’re logged in to itch and try again.

Q: I cannot download the game!
A: That means it’s not the 9th of February yet. Please wait for the release.

Still unclear? Reply to this thread and explain where it went wrong. Screenshots are welcome!

Still really, really stuck? Contact our support if you’re still stumped and we will help you.