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Imperiums: Rise of Caesar DLC is coming!

Prague, Czech Republic – 21st December 2022: Imperiums: Rome vs Carthage shifted the focus from the Greek and Persian wars to the central Mediterranean, where the young Roman Republic was trying to dominate the Italian peninsula in the endless tribal wars against its neighbors. However, it’s path to hegemony did not end there, the scene is set for another interesting era, the power struggle between the Senate and the consuls, among which one name stands out, Julius Caesar!

The Imperiums ancient series simply will not be complete without the conquests of Caesar in Gaul and the British Isles.

The new DLC Imperiums: Rise of Caesar brings you TWO campaign maps, Gaul and the British Isles. After your legions complete the invasion of the Gallic territories you can sail across the channel to enter the mysterious British Isles. Alternatively, you can defy the Romans by playing one of the Gallic tribes and try to change history as we know it.

The maps are smaller than in Rome vs Carthage, being much more tactical and the new mechanics will test your tactical prowess to the limit.
Weather and seasons will complicate the planning of military offensives, the recruitment of new legions has to be earned by the completion of tasks or through political scheming in Rome, Caesar can be used in the front lines as a general, and key political decisions will affect the course of events.

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