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Release date – 30 July!

Finally, the waiting is over! Imperiums: Greek Wars is ready to launch and will be released on 30th July.

It has been a long journey, full of hard work and challenges but also with loads of fun especially since the first alpha players got their hands on the game. So many great ideas have been tested and implemented to give the game what we feel is a very unique mix of classical 4X features and adventure elements that make the game more engaging, more creative and definitely more fun.

After months of beta testing and balancing we are now ready for the last phase – release. Set your alarm clocks to July 30 and make sure you have enough sleep because the “one more turn” feel will not let you take a break!

First preview streams done by Nookrium and Writing Bull (German) are already online so check them out!

Announcement trailer

Check out new screenshots and announcement trailer!

We hope these screenshots and trailer will whet your appetite. The game is almost ready for beta, and this is a first taste for those who may be thinking about joining the test group.

The game offers a wide range of features and unique mechanics. Be sure to follow us on Steam, social media, or subscribe to our website to stay up to date!


Imperiums: Greek Wars – 4x historical turn-based strategy game will be released early in 2020.

The creators of an award-winning game Aggressors: Ancient Rome are proud to announce that after months of hard work their new game is ready to be introduced to the gaming world.

The game offers ‘standard’ mechanics from other 4x strategy games laced with a number of original features. But that’s just a start!

What makes this game truly unique is its mythological and questing layer. This is fully optional, so it won’t bother historical fans while adding a new depth to the traditional 4x genre. You can interact with mythological figures and creatures and set out on quests to find ancient treasures and follow in the steps of ancient heroes.

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